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That second chance @LIFE : when a cleft child looks good and feels good

pic: a heartling
Children respond to love and kindness.The heart of an innocent child sees only what one SEES,and nothing more. Above all,a heartling reponds positively to LOVE and CARE.
 A heartling approach to cleft children would involve a compassionate and caring atmosphere where the cleft child feels loved. 
Some of us have been discussing ways to establish concept cleft centres for underprivileged cleft kids  across different countries,who urgently need help with their deformities in a friendly and caring environment.
The idea of the 5 dimensions in functional aesthetic cleft design was born as a result of many years of smile outreach to cleft children from different backgrounds.(in a separate blog)
The common desire of all parents for their cleft children is similar.All parents want their cleft children to LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD. This is true for war torn Somalia, as it is for the USA.

pic: an old picture of a heartling centre in Arabia

pic: The "Heartling" Train US…

Smells like team spirit: the future is the TEAM

"There is no I in team" ( M M,NYU Langone )
Nothing much a single individual can achieve on one's own.
Our focus should not be on ourselves ,but on the TEAM. Things work better that way.
No way we can go it alone.
The future is the TEAM.

You feel cool when you look cool!

board certified ,Aesthetic Medicine AAAM Miami Fla/Ranchos Palos Verdes CA

Bad Romance: the history of vintage grease

The main problem with fat grafting for many patients, lies in significant resorption by the third month or so;not unlike a bad romance, where the initial overtures and fleeting crescendo are soon followed by an anticlimax of sorts,only to be replaced by yet another, much needed fix.The cycle goes on and on.
 On the flip side,in true  anti-avantgarde fashion, unorthodox doctors and equally unorthodox clients, are thrilled by the immediate feelings of happiness and increased self confidence.
Irrational as it seems, a feel good experience in patient reported outcomes seems to dictate many aesthetic procedures even if they remain outsides the confines of pure science.

Who really cares as long as one feels happy? It is definitely worth it,however imperfect the outcome.

Fat grafting is here to stay, and it does make make sense to get the booty back!

uThe beginning of vintage grease research goes back to the First World War. It was not until the 1990s that the use of grease returned to fashi…

The SNORER et Daytime Sleeper

[4/28, 2:20 AM]
 Do you snore and use a clothes peg? Do you doze at your office the next day?
You look at your love handles,neck
 circumference,dreamy droopy eyelids.
Your BMI is increasing and your life is slowing down cos you are more tired. Your BP is borderline,and you crave ALCOHOL and rich junk food

Hey, take a good look at YOU! It is not only between YOU and YOU..get HELP.

You could have sleep disordered breathing you might not be aware of

Get a SLEEP check done!

Bon chance

Concept of Botanical Aesthetic Medicine: The benefits of aloe vera gel after peeling and skin conditioning with botanical extracts

After you have treated your skin with our range of Lumina gel 30% or LA-SA lactic salicylic mild peels weekly, followed by pigment lite which contains tyrosinase inhibitor gels, some of you will experience dry skin. This is easily treated using daily applications of moisturizers which act as humectants (keep water in your skin) and also improve your NMF (natural moisturizing factor), with sun block SPF 30.  The outer layer of the skin or epidermis has the ability to produce a chemical protective coat called Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) responsible for keeping the adequate hydration of stratum corneum- the outermost part of the epidermis. Natural Moisturizing Factor in epidermis decreases with age as well as the production of sebum. NMF is made up of amino acids, fatty acids, triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and many other compounds that are naturally present in the skin. In a study done by researchers from Japan, it h…

More than a clothes peg for the nose- Stanford Sleepgasms in Taipei city 2019

An intensely pleasurable experience in one's daily grind does add some flavour of sorts,and might even help one to be a  Lert (whatever that means). I love Taiwanese bubble tea with boba and strawberry icecream.Perhaps with a shot of smirnoff. But this week's wonderful conference with some great experts from Stanford Univ Sleep Medicine Centre CA,Drs Kasey Li and Dr. Stacey Q was definitely the icing on the cake.

For those of us uninitiated folks , the concept of sleep medicine and cure for sleep problems is an amazing field.I myself,like many of my friends and others, have some amount of OSA and would love to suggest better ways than a clothes peg for the nose.

Advancing the maxilla and mandible to improve obstructive sleep apnea does not work well for all patients. The airway is like a tortuous tube;the old idea of expanding the anterior maxilla to address the probem of obstructive sleep apnea does not really help the patient, because the posterior palate remains closed like a…

Not just about creating picture perfect patients :functional and aesthetic dimensions of cleft surgery

The lack of knowledge regarding a plastic surgeon’s scope of practice may be because of many factors. One major factor is likely the media’s attention and focus on cosmetic surgery as the plastic surgeons’ primary role as a physician (*Sammy S NYU J Craniofac Surg 2015;26: 1238–1241)

Overall, the public’s understanding of plastic surgery is poor,more so in the developed western world.

 The general public is inadequately educated regarding the scope of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Education of the public may be a direct means by which to improve the understanding of plastic surgery in the community.

Pic 1: my aesthetic recon surgery for rich nation patients ( volunteers/1 probono/ 2 discounted)

Removing misconceptions:

1. Increasing awareness through advertising campaigns
2. Educating medical colleagues on this art of plastic surgery

I am often asked by lay people why we plastic surgeons feel it necessary to focus so much on aesthetic components in cleft surgery. My reply is si…

Smiles of Arabia Felix : Cleft Lip surgery is Functional Aesthetic in it's essence

With the advent of a nearing peaceful solution to a protracted war, we are now hopeful that friendly nations in the Gulf will continue what we had earlier started for the cleft lip and palate children of Yemen along with well wishers from several countries.

A lot has been happening on the smile front in the gulf regions, with the Smile Train USA taking a big initiative with partner countries and organisations ,in getting  many more cleft children helped.

Arabia has a lot to offer to the cleft lip and palate world,because the region is known for it's generosity and welcoming attitude to such mission endeavours.

There are many refugees in the Middle East today,following the conflict in Yemen,Syria and Iraq. Gulf countries have been doing their fair share of aid work in the region ,especially countries like Oman and the Emirates.

These days the Smile Train helps a lot more cleft children,even in war torn and troubled Somalia. This is wonderful news for those stranded in impoverished…