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The Flat World of Smiles: 3 principles of smile missions

A younger plastic surgery colleague asked me if I could share three principles of a smile mission,since he loves the idea of taking smiles to cleft children in his country.
It made me think," why we are  involved in medical missions?".

My answer,"Your role in Smile Mission work will involve explaining correct principles of cleft surgery. You guys are young smilemakers and can spread the real cleft message "

Charles Wang Smile Train New York City

Her Majesty's Smilemakers Sana'a Yemen Arabia

Sam Noordhoff Taipei

GET IT RIGHT AND DO IT RIGHT FIRST AND FOREMOST. FORGET THE GLAMOUR AND NUMBERS. TEACH THE RIGHT PRINCIPLES. “Get it right the first time and avoid headaches later. Each messed up surgery makes the next corrective surgery even harder than the first”.

Use the same yardstick without bias. A poor cleft patient and a VIP must receive equal state of the art care, even if one has purchasing power,and the other is poor. Mission cannot…

Modulating cleft lip scars:The perfect 5th Dimension and more

SCAR is the enemy . Some rules of engagement to modulate potential scars to make things better: 

The extra 3 dimensions which generally overlap are shown below.

 First dimension- reconstructive element which corrects the functional aspects and leads to proper function of the repaired  cleft lip

2.The Second dimension includes the small z and cheiloplasty procedures which are aesthetic in nature, thereby adding an attractive aesthetic appearance after the correction

3.The Third dimension is offered by aesthetic medicine where Botox makes the aesthetic appearance even more attractive and supple by controlled muscle relaxation and improved scar outcomes
4.The Fourth dimension includes Aesthetic Medicine enhancement procedures using Aesthetic Medicine in stepwise progression ,using MAFT gun autologous fat filler to improve skin tone and volume  smilemakernyc tyrosinase inhibitor gels of* SMNYC (Lumina Gel and Chi 7 ,Queens New York City) to lighten the skin and the derma pen/…

A flat world of smiles : lens focus on cleft children of Volgograd Russia and others

As smiles continue to happen across nations,more and more underprivileged cleft patents get that second chance at life
Missions like Smile Train are reaching out like never before across the universe to ensure a steady support structure for the cleft children

Smiles do not need any other language- a smile is a smile,is a smile and a smile.period.

So,if you see cleft children  in need of a smile,why not help out with one?

Local surgeons and medical staff get involved in cleft lip missions

Here is a nice ,catchy tune to start with :-)
Katyusha Am                               E7 Rast-sve-tali, iabloni i grushi, Am
Pop-ly-li, tumany nad rekoj.
Am FC A7 DmAm
Vykho-d-ila na bereg Katyusha,

Na vyso-kij bereg na krutoj 

"YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD": Part 1- Total Aesthetic Recall in cleft lip patients

Preliminary Concept Paper of March 18th 2019 Rm 643 ..where ideas merge with reality

Update: displaced mission worker leaves war torn Yemen, lands in Rm 643 Taipei and picks up his long forgotten pen...
***This is an ongoing study proposal for smilemakernyc skincare products which are used for  lighteningage and sunspots,melasma,and post inflammatory pigmentations
·*SMNYCfor smilemakernyc skin care items please contact visit ·mail us at or ·whatsapp Namgyal Dorjee @ +1 9176980069,Elmhurst , New York City

Cracking the Cleft Aesthetic Code (CAC): A prospective double blinded, randomized study, going beyond Botox and micro autologous fat filler, pigment lite gels into the Fifth Dimension of Pico Lasers for Total Aesthetic Recall in cleft lip patients
Introduction: Functional and aesthetic procedures in cleft lip surgery lead to a pleasing outcome in primary cleft lip surgery. But what is aesthetically almost pe…

A 2019 March smile mission model for comprehensive cleft lip and palate care

Most cleft lip and palate children in developing countries attend free smile surgery camps run by mission organisations.

Aim: 2019 Total Aesthetic Recall of Cleft Patients

A somewhat comprehensive service can be offered at the initial point of contact by mission plastic surgery caregivers and other workers for:

1. Orthodontist NAM 2.Plastic Surgery 2.Nursing 4.Speech 5.Social worker 6. Nutrition
Age: 3 month onwards   

1. Primary unilateral cheiloplasty with NAM, botox added
2. Inferior turbinate flap modified for floor of nose reconstruction
3. Primary bilateral cheiloplasty with botox added -
The BLACK technique is TERRIBLE;it doesn't have to be abandoned BECAUSE no one ever used it- John B Mulliken (some strange exceptions  as you can see! )
4. Primary rhinoplasty using Tajema procedure modifications
5. Premaxillary push back using thumb reduction
6. Premaxillary setback using limited pre vomer suture line osteotomy for very difficult cases and K …