Pavlova of Cleft Palates: the thorn in the flesh for no-consensus palate experts in smile missions

Pavlova Craniofacial Humour Series : gin to my tonic and other attempts at world peace

Oui,mais non: the thorn in the flesh for no-consensus palate experts in smile missions

Non-consensual palate confederations probably have their own idiosyncratic etymological ramifications in the cleft palate galaxy,unbeknownst to ordinary homo sapiens. Like the lady who doth protest too much, cleft palate surgeons might harbour guilt feelings of admiration and even subsequent loyalty to colleagues who show good or better outcomes in their prescribed,or published techniques. Like the proverbial Tower of Babel, the chances of all palatoplasty surgeons speaking without forked tongues remains abysmally lower than ever before. One does try one’s best under the circumstances,but given the no consensus marriages of convenience in smile missions worldwide,the prevailing thorn in the flesh of palate experts is a gentle reminder of humility as an imperative for that step forward. Not that consensus in itself is an angelic virtue in most instances. On the contrary,a non consensus may perhaps be the stimulus to keep those creative juices flowing till there are no more cleft palates left to conquer.

The Pavlova of Cleft Palates?

Fig: The famous Pavlova was probably a fruitcake ,so any takers here?

The modern day,thorn in the flesh would mostly manifest in the following ways:
1. less than optimal, or worse still,comparable speech outcomes to lesser known alien surgeons,no matter how exciting the new technique/eureka moment of sheer ecstasy as master of the universe
2. similar effects on maxillary growth pattern as other less enlightened surgeons in Kilimanjaro,and
3. that oft annoying junctional fistula even under the most auspicious of circumstances.

Moral: A powder room known by any other name is still a powder room.Period.


  1. xie xie..that is the main problem we face in smile missions where everyone is boss:-)


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