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Pictures from the MAFT hands on training conference for total face,hand and breast Kaoshiung Taiwan 2019 Feb

This MAFT conference has been an incredible experience for me.So many new ideas about micro autologous fat grafting for the face,hands,breast and other areas.
MAFT is definitely TOP GUN in fat grafting.

Thanks to the great team in Kaoshiung.


1. Total face rejuvenation using MAFT gun fat transplantation

2. Breast augmentation using MAFT fat transplatation- a revolutionary technique,with great short and long term results

3. MAFT fat transfer for hand rejuvenation,scars,acne scars and other areas

Listening to a great American legend @ Childrens MA

Sometimes,one just has to take that life changing pilgrimage and learn from great maestros, in order to push forward.
The pilgrimage to Childrens Boston in 2012 changed my way of looking at the cleft world.
There are many things to learn, and things do take time and effort. What a wonderful time of learning and discussing palatolasty for with our long time mentor,over 8 years.


With the inventor of the MAFT gun for total rejuvenation of the face and body - Dr Lin of Kaoshiung!
Thanks to MAFT and Dr Lin for the wonderful
Hospitality,superb teaching sessions and beautiful gifts from. TAIWAN.


 Amazing hands on training conference on micro autologous fat tranfer for the face and breast, using the MAFT gun,this week.

The name is Bond...Maft Bond! Only problem 🤔granny is gonna complain now. She doesn't know to run away when young men chase her..she got osteoarthritis 😂

Cleft 2013 and lessons from the tower of Babel: The only consensus in palatoplasty is a non consensus

Cleft 2013 was an interesting event for cleft palate surgeons across the mission world. But even years later, as we had earlier predicted in Yemen,the only consensus will be a forever non consensus.

Yemen Cleft Palate

Initiating the online discussions for the US Task Force on Palatoplasty www.
Dear Bona, On behalf of the, we would like to invite you to initiate the online discussions for the US Task Force on Palatoplasty in latecomers for Yours, Jeffrey Marsh
Dear Jeffrey Marsh and Task Force members,
Thank you for this opportunity to share some thoughts on palatoplasty in the speaking individual with an unrepaired cleft palate. I look forward to your helpful suggestions on what is an important and yet complex topic. Most speaking individuals with unrepaired cleft palates are found in developing nations, where cleft surgeons work in less than favourable conditions. What is considered routine procedure in well -developed refer…

Pug Nose Dreams : cleft children in a beautiful subculture of mainstream American media over the years

" moonbeams sparkled on a pug nose dream"
Video: Frank Sinatra in his first classic jazz hit, "Polka dots and moonbeams".

People have different ideas of beauty. Oh,that cleft nose does look abnormal.The naso labial angle does not confine itself to our aesthetic norms.Let's get a cartilage graft and reset it. That's one of the many discussions we plastic surgeons get into.

Then some of use googled celebrities with pug noses.

They look stunning and even more out of the ordinary than most beautiful people. As we read some of the plastic surgery journals of western institutions, and compare the results with Hollywood celebs, we get some idea of this subculture and understand where the ideas come from.

Some beautiful actresses have pug noses ,like Jessica Alba,J Lo and Posh Spice. Think about it.

Many children with bilateral cleft lip deformties end up with pug noses after surgery. (pic :cite 1, PRS Childrens MA)

For some cultures, a pug nose is arguably, an ic…

Sunday prayers for church and medical missions

This Sunday, we would like to remember those who are serving in medical missions around the world in difficult situations.

Most patients in developing countries are helped mainly through medical mission units,which play a major role in health care delivery to folks who have no access to basic health services.

The needs are great and many remain without hope and help from more privilegd nations and specialists.

CDm7GCEAm Jesus, what a wonder You are. AmDm7GC You are so gentle, so pure and so kind. CDm7GCEAm You shine like the morning star. AmDm7GC Je-sus, what a wonder You are.

Pavlova of Cleft Palates: the thorn in the flesh for no-consensus palate experts in smile missions

Pavlova Craniofacial Humour Series : gin to my tonic and other attempts at world peace

Oui,mais non: the thorn in the flesh for no-consensus palate experts in smile missions

Non-consensual palate confederations probably have their own idiosyncratic etymological ramifications in the cleft palate galaxy,unbeknownst to ordinary homo sapiens. Like the lady who doth protest too much, cleft palate surgeons might harbour guilt feelings of admiration and even subsequent loyalty to colleagues who show good or better outcomes in their prescribed,or published techniques. Like the proverbial Tower of Babel, the chances of all palatoplasty surgeons speaking without forked tongues remains abysmally lower than ever before. One does try one’s best under the circumstances,but given the no consensus marriages of convenience in smile missions worldwide,the prevailing thorn in the flesh of palate experts is a gentle reminder of humility as an imperative for that step forward. Not that consensus in itsel…

Pulp Fiction Misirlou :Working with a bit more than a diagnosis in smile missions

It cannot be denied that there are one hit wonders like Pulp Fiction Misirlou every once in a lifetime.
Fact is,one could even play ten songs by ignoring the rest of the perfect fives!

Should I be conversant with medical knowledge before more specialized subjects?

My best assistant in medical smile missions was Mohd H, a male nurse who assisted more than one thousand,routine to tough cases. It was mostly mechanical,and he may not have been aware of the blood,sweat and guts involved in the entire process of foundational groundwork, trainings,board exams, experience and endless trainings.

The path to becoming a medical doctor is challenging. First college as a pre-med, then medical school, and finally residency. Which part is the most challenging?
Instead of one hit wonders,it probably makes sense to get into proper trainings in the basic tenets of medical practice, like a complete, proper history and making a diagnosis,working on differential diagnoses,general patient system knowledge ,…

You can make a difference for cleft patients out there

A young boy and his father had fled Somalia by boat and came to our camp in Yemen .The lip and palate were done in one stage mainly because the father was too poor to afford even a bus ride Elsewhere, other kids in India and Myanmar and many other nations,wait for years.That is the harsh reality of the world we live in. Smile missions is all about the patients and not about smilemakers alone. You can make a difference to give their smiles back.