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Growing role of fat transfer for facial rejuvenation in aesthetic medplast

Fillers and Botox are being replaced mostly by autologous fat. Most prefer this alternative. The body's natural filler is one's own fat.Combined with PRPM and some botox,the results are deifinetly longer lasting and more attractive. These days face rejuvenation includes fat transfer along with surgery or on its own with botox and PRPM.

Botox Blues E7...don't come out of the botox revel looking like a devil

E Went  for the all night Botox Revel, A7 But soon came out like Mephisto the Devil. B7                                                   A7 Botox pool party gone all wrong, A7                                                 E Now I'm  howlin' this sad blues song


Botox is useful for forehead wrinkles,but incorrect injections can lead to an alarming Mephisto effect. Note that the lower points on the lateral side are very important because if you miss these, the lateral brow will be raised giving the unwelcome “Mephisto effect of Botox” due to exaggerated action of the occipital frontalis muscle. It can be treated easily by two lateral injections 2-4 U Botox.

Total Recall of les fat compartments of madmoiselle economique?

Pics: artists impressions and models from google. Replacing and augmenting lost volume with one's own fat is today one of the most popular and sought after aesthetic treatments for the aging face Done carefully after identifying the problem areas,one can expect a very youthful appearance.Along with this,the hands could also be fat filled to make them look younger to match the face and neck areas.  Done along with botox and PRPM,the fat graft take is improved and results are further enhanced. PRP acts as a fertiliser for your dermal collagen. Botox is also useful for D'ecollete lines ,perioral wrinkles,and crows feet and naso labial areas and for extra touch up procedures.  I also use tyrosinase gels,light peels and cleansers for a better result. A few passes of a laser,RF multipolar or IPL can also be done in the follow up. The whole package then probably amounts to some sort of extensive makeover,without overkill of course. There are many possibilities with this exciting tec…

Madmoiselle Economique?...Time for that total fat rejuv of la face?

Une nouvelle me ́thode ́economique et rapide de greffe graisseuse autologue D'accord! Je suis Madmoiselle Economique? Mais oui,mais non! ha ha ha...

East Coast Dreams

good for the body,mind and  soul ...dreaming of the east coast and those bygone days when we were free,happy and adventurous!  Time to move on and see the world again...

Ni Hao! Always something to smile about in life

Ni hao..welcome again! here is a single take on my improvisation on Knopfler's sultans of swing Learn to smile,it makes you a happier person!

Smilemaker Jackie Chan and Yemenis:What do Yemenis think of Jackie Chan?

Yemenis love Jackie Chan..even the cleft children adore him!

He harms no one except himself,on the set a few times..ouch!

Ha ha..Tammam ,tammam jidaan
Jackie Chan tammam ( Jackie Chan hao,hao) ..he makes everyone smile

What a smile ambassador for cleft kids!

C'est cleft magnifuque? Cradle to last crinkle for Yemeni cleft patients

Our cleft work in Yemen always involved a combination of aesthetic and sequential surgery.
We use a very simple workhorse:
AAR- affordable, applicable and reproducible  methods
Techniques? Le Yemen KISS principle: Keeping it sequential and sensual
Sequential- step by step functional correction Sensual- aesthetic component and further makeovers over the years using lasers treatment,dermabrasion,microneedling,dermapens,superficial light peels,fat injections,some botox and our smilemakernyc brand of tyrosinase inhibitor gels.
Total recall of the aesthetic in cleft lip patients. A precious project.
You feel good when you look good

Aesthetic Medplast-the interphase between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

I love the whole idea of total aesthetic recall of the aging face using a two pronged approach-aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery. Works well for the benefit of patients who are caught between the two. Both are great sub specialities ,with good potential for improved outcomes. Quite a few irons in this fire then. There are definite advantags of using both modalities to enable a smooth transition and lower downtime.

Thots on total rhinoplasty incisions

Preferred incision for total rhinoplasty? The red line of columella incision. My favorite incision so far. I avoid stair step,inverted V because of  risk of increased scarring in type 3,4,5,6 Fitxpatrick.