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Gender Amplification vs self esteem?

With growing worldwide interest in aesthetic medicine over the last decade,a lot of attention is focused on the benefits of gender amplification .The main reason  for this overdrive is arguably, the problem of self esteem. Gender amplification is a hot topic in many aesthetic centres these days. Get it and strut the stuff,to the envy of those less enlightened.Or rather, less amplified.

But the topic is fraught with controversy over the  long term benefits.There are several papers on male and female aesthetic amplification but one wonders what the benefits really are,apart from the obvious psychosomatic well being after such procedures.

As far as ultra pleasure is concerned,one has doubts about the efficacy of such procedures .Especially fillers for G spot amplification. What does it really do? It is a well known anatomical fact that the area is a highly sensitive zone with over 90% nerve innervation. So apart from the mostly subjective, sensational episodes of self flagellation ,what…

Total Aesthetic Recall of the Aging Face- remaking Cinderella?

As time goes by,Cinderella begins to fade under the sun,literally.The sun hasn't been too kind . Lately,those tanning beds, sunbaths on the beach and ramblings under the desert sky have left tell tale marks all over her face.
The once,arguably delightful , golden slipper jackpot,dancing queen to some prince charming is now a somewhat subdued and philosophical lady,minus some face volume,plus several sun and age spots.Worse still,the shelf life of her facial suspenders is almost over and she can no longer defy gravity. Very soon,an extreme face makeover may be needed.As time goes by,moonlight and roses fade and harsher reality prevails . Time for that total recall of the aesthetic.

There will be an inevitable loss of subcutaneous fat,hyaluronic acid and collagen.The once youthful face with rounded cheeks, raised eyebrows and almost flawless skin is now replaced by wrinkles,age and sun spots,loss of face volume ,eye bags, accentuated frown lines,prominent naso labial folds,and over…