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SMILEMAKERNYC LLC (Queens ,New York City) is the brainchild of Yemen Smile programmes in Sana Yemen , and later, at Apt 1D, 4172 Denman Street ,Elmhurst New York City  /117 Chauncey St,West Haven CT in  April 2015.IRS Registration New York State EIN 47-4311965

Hi all,

Some of you have heard about us from different sources. For the rest, we are an unknown entity on the net.
What exactly is smilemaker? And does it have any connection with the SMILEMAKER HALL OF FAME IN THE US of A that you read about in the SMILE TRAIN, New York City?

First of all, smilemaker is the story of a hybrid guitar ,created in Yemen during the war of March 2015 and later, custom built at a Fender workshop in Shandong (pics).The author designed the hybrid in a bomb shelter during those horrific bombing campaigns close to his office. It was shipped to the city of New York where the author lived with his brother Namgyal for some time during the invasion,and near total annihilation of Yemen by some  Arab nations and their western allies. 

Second of all, yes, smilemaker is the inspiration for America's Smilemaker Hall of Fame @ Smile Train NYC. That is the story of the real smilemaker. Later on, it included all those wonderful smilemakers who spent countess hours in cleft lip and palate missions . Bona* is also a longtime smilemaker for Arabia Felix and UNHCR Somalian refugee camps in Yemen,and the Founder /Plastic Surgeon of Yemen Smile and US Smile Train Programmes in Yemen Arabia/International Trainer @ Ministry of Planning Yemen/MOH Sana'a for Arab and expat surgeons over 17 years.Thousands of plastic surgery operations and trainings were done pro bono.

 In April 2012, Yemen Smile was voted (San Francisco/ Beijing ) as one of the best success stories in the history of US Smile Train USA overseas cleft lip and palate missions worldwide.

It is all inclusive,and sort of provides that flat world for people from all walks of life. Of course,it also includes a UNISEX skincare line LLC in Queens designed by the author,following a word of advice,over dinner at  Longwood Avenue in Aug 2012. The trigger was, "you should go aesthetic" by long time Yemen Smile mentor Prof John B Mulliken of Childrens MA. 

So enjoy our smilemaker blogs y'all .This blogsite will include a series on craniofacial humour to keep creative juices flowing.

* presently,Intl Craniofacial Fellow ( previously 6 month visiting scholar 2006) @ Chang Gung Craniofacial Centre Taipei for one year ( Nov 2108-Nov 2019)

whatsapp: +886-958183218  mail: smilemakernyc@gmail.com

Address in New York City:

c/o Namgyal Dorjee
4172 Apt 1-D , Denman Street 
New York City 11373
tel 917 698 0069

bon chance,

pic: the bombing of Faj Attan outside our smile office in Hadda Sana'a in March 2015.The first bomb fell at 2am on the 26th of March 2015.
The making of smilemaker design in Shandong during the war on Yemen

pic: first soundcheck on smilemaker after production, in Queens NYC 2015 April
guitar improvisation
The cowboy rides away: bona)

New Beginning: The smilemaker hybrid finished product from  Shandong-
guitar improvisation( i "wrote" this Eagles tune in my mind for the guitar during the Yemen war when all got destroyed)
 New Kid in Town: bona)

Pic 1: Lumina Gel antiaging peel $ 50  (USA) Rs 2700 (India)

Pic 2: Gold 24 antiaging gel
USA $ 55  India Rs 3000 

Pic 3: Chi 7 gel pigment corrector
USA $ 32 India Rs 2000 

Type: LLC 
Products: Aesthetic Products
Country: USA  Queens New York City

Products are available in:

1. USA New York City - Namgyal Dorjee 917-698-0069 (whatsapp)

2. Bona, presently in Taipei +886 958183218(whatsapp)-i do not have samples

SMILEMAKERNYC regd. LLC in New York State on 15th March 2015
(Your EIN is 47-3311965. A PDF copy EIN confirmation letter from the IRS is attached for your reference)

Our products

Handcrafted items( India- @MISSION COMMUNITY WORKERS)

1. Pigment Lite Triple kit with Peel and cleanser Rs 1500

A very safe and effective  antiaging and pigment correction kit, using mostly plant and fruit extracts. Skin appears fresh and youthful after several months regular use.

Handcrafted Soaps: (by order only)  Rs 150 each
Minimum order of  3 

Other Services

Welcome to my Google Classroom online sessions on

1. Aesthetic Medicine
2. Skincare Products
3.Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
4.Cleft Surgeries

Info for Mission Workers
for details on aesthetic med and plastic surgery/cleft training online 
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