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Smilemakernyc is a small LLC in New York City, SMILEMAKERNYC regd. LLC in New York State on 15th March 2015
IRS license: EIN 47-3311965

The overseas founder is a mission smile maker Dr. Bona Lotha ,originally from Nagaland N E India(Google Search)
You can follow him on  https://www.patreon.com/bonalotha  a plastic surgeon who teaches the nuances of cleft craft globally, and also plays to raise awareness about cleft children worldwide
Dedicated to total aesthetic recall for cleft patients ... thank you, America!
eg. of TAR in NYU Langone 2019 -a very useful CME Program offering excellent guidelines
The course materials are available below. Viewed course materials will appear with a checkmark.
My remarks on the different aspects of cleft care: 2019
  •  Accreditation Information
  •  Presurgical Care: NYU excellent protocol
  •  Unilateral Primary Lip : Philip Chen the master of technique
  •  Unilateral Primary Nose : Philip Chen's excellent technique explained
  •  Bilateral Primary Lip : Philip Chen explains his excellent technique of lip and nose
  •  Bilateral Primary Nose: Remarks -the Black Technique of 1965 proposed esp by some senior Indian Plastic surgeons has to be deleted. The technique is completely inaccurate and goes against all the principles of bilateral cleft lip repair, advocated by my mentor JB Mulliken of Childrens MA. Mulliken mentioned how many in developing countries, unfamiliar with the anthropometric principles of repair, still practice cleft surgery between the late 19th century and early 20th century.  Yes, I believe they are between Rose Thompson 1891 and Millard 1955.
  •  Revision Surgery Nose : primary rhinoplasty avoids the use of intermediate rhinoplasty
  •  Primary Cleft Palate -the Furlows and modifications are the 2019 new kids on the block 
  •  VPI Surgery- Furlows is shown to be superior to other methods like midline flaps and IVVP; the way forward for both primary and secondary surgery is modified Furlows. IVVP not useful, and midline flaps should be abandoned generally. Sommerlad repair is complicated and has no advantage o0ver a simpler modified Furlows.
  •  Fistula Repair - a good primary repair prevents fistulae
  •  The Growing Skeleton : ABG at age 9 or 10 with a simpler Scarpa fascia plug and iliac bone graft has a high success rate
  •  The Mature Skeleton: Part I    Cleft OGS in 30-40 % of clefts 
  •  The Mature Skeleton: Part II
  •  The Mature Skeleton: Part III
  •  Final Lip Revision - the final stage of cleft repair , sometimes Abbe needed
  •  Mature Cleft Rhinoplasty rib , implant, or dermal fat cartilage sandwich techniques are useful
  •  Special Topics: difficult clefts of the face  are rare but one needs to know how to handle them
  •  Tough Cases: What I Did, What I Learned, What I Would Do Differently Getting it right the first time then is really the answer to today's cleft problems.

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IRS Registration New York State EIN 47-4311965

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Products are available in:

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2. Bona, presently in Taipei +886 958183218(whatsapp)-i do not have samples

SMILEMAKERNYC regd. LLC in New York State on 15th March 2015
EIN 47-3311965

Our products

Handcrafted items( India- @MISSION COMMUNITY WORKERS)
1. Pigment Lite Triple kit with Peel and cleanser Rs 1500-

A very safe and effective  antiaging and pigment correction kit, using mostly plant and fruit extracts. Skin appears fresh and youthful after several months regular use.

Handcrafted Soaps: (by order only)  Rs 150 each
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