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SMILEMAKERNYC LLC was designed by Bona Lotha in New York City, 2015 June. After many years of smile mission work for thousands of plastic surgery and cleft patients in Yemen Arabia,the work came to an abrupt halt in 2015 during the war. One is happy to have that 2nd chance at life and mission

Bona has a  masters degree in surgery from AIIMS  New Delhi, and later did all his plastic surgery trainings and visiting craniofacial scholar programmes in Singapore/Taipei,followed by a one year Board Certification programme under the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,Miami under Beverly Hills experts Michel Delune and others.
...presently,back in Taipei for an international fellowship
..has lived in Yemen,Singapore,UK,Taipei and the US.
..fingerstyle guitarist trained under GIT CA teachers of the Guitar College CA. Here are some of his sample pieces . In 2013, he was featured thrice by Guitar College CA,run by a former instructer at Guitar Institute of Technology CA

Pic 1: Lumina Gel antiaging peel $ 50  (USA) Rs 2700 (India)

Pic 2: Gold 24 antiaging gel
USA $ 55  India Rs 3000 

Pic 3: Chi 7 gel pigment corrector
USA $ 32 India Rs 2000 

Type: LLC 
Products: Aesthetic Products
Country: USA  Queens New York City

Products are available in:

1. USA New York City - Namgyal Dorjee 917-698-0069 (whatsapp)

2. India Nagaland  - Bona 9867509534(whatsapp)

Our products

Handcrafted items( India)

1. Pigment Lite Triple kit with Peel and cleanser Rs 1500

A very safe and effective  antiaging and pigment correction kit, using mostly plant and fruit extracts. Skin appears fresh and youthful after several months regular use.

Handcrafted Soaps: (by order only)  Rs 150 each
Minimum order of  3 

Other Services

Welcome to my Google Classroom online sessions on

1. Aesthetic Medicine
2. Skincare Products
3.Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
4.Cleft Surgeries

for details on aesthetic med and plastic surgery/cleft training online 
Google Classroom
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