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SMILEMAKERNYC LLC was designed by Bona Lotha in New York City, 2015 June. After many years of smile work for thousands of plastic surgery and cleft patients in Yemen Arabia,the work came to an abrupt halt in 2015 during the war. Bona has a  masters degree in surgery from AIIMS  New Delhi, and later did all his plastic surgery trainings and visiting craniofacial scholar programmes in Singapore/Taipei,followed by a one year Board Certification programme under the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,Miami under Beverly Hills experts Michel Delune and others. He is also an avid fingerstyle guitarist trained under GIT CA teachers of the Guitar College CA. Here is one of his sample pieces . In 2013, he was featured thrice by Guitar College CA.

Pic 1: Lumina Gel antiaging peel $ 50  (USA) Rs 2700 (India)

Pic 2: Gold 24 antiaging gel USA $ 55  India Rs 3000 

Pic 3: Chi 7 gel pigment corrector USA $ 32 India Rs 2000 
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