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Welcome to SMILEMAKERNYC LLC @ Dr Bona Lotha

SMILEMAKERNYC LLC (Queens ,New York City) is the brainchild of Yemen Smile programmes in Sana Yemen , and later, at Apt 1D, 4172 Denman Street ,Elmhurst New York City  /117 Chauncey St,West Haven CT in  April 2015.IRS Registration New York State EIN 47-4311965

Hi all,
Some of you have heard about us from different sources. For the rest, we are an unknown entity on the net. What exactly is smilemaker? And does it have any connection with the SMILEMAKER HALL OF FAME IN THE US of A that you read about in the SMILE TRAIN, New York City?
First of all, smilemaker is the story of a hybrid guitar ,created in Yemen during the war of March 2015 and later, custom built at a Fender workshop in Shandong (pics).The author designed the hybrid in a bomb shelter during those horrific bombing campaigns close to his office. It was shipped to the city of New York where the author lived with his brother Namgyal for some time during the invasion,and near total annihilation of Yemen by some  Arab nations a…