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Welcome to SMILEMAKERNYC LLC @ Dr Bona Lotha

Info: Some skincare items are presently OUT OF STOCK

SMILEMAKERNYC LLC  Queens NYC IRS Registration New York State EIN 47-4311965

whatsapp: +886-958183218   mail: Contact Namgyal at

Pic 1: Lumina Gel antiaging peel $ 50  (USA) Rs 2700 (India)

Pic 2: Gold 24 antiaging gel USA $ 55  India Rs 3000 -OUT OF STOCK

Pic 3: Chi 7 gel pigment corrector USA $ 32 India Rs 2000 - OUT OF STOCK
Type: LLC  Products: Aesthetic Products Country: USA  Queens New York City
Products are available in:
1. USA New York City - Namgyal Dorjee 917-698-0069 (whatsapp)
2. Bona, presently in Taipei +886 958183218(whatsapp)-i do not have samples
SMILEMAKERNYC regd. LLC in New York State on 15th March 2015 EIN 47-3311965

Our products

Handcrafted items( India- @MISSION COMMUNITY WORKERS)
1. Pigment Lite Triple kit with Peel and cleanser Rs 1500-

A very safe and effective  antiaging and pigment correction kit, using mostly plant and fruit extracts. Skin appears fresh and youthful af…