Suessholz ..handcrafted plant based aesthetic skincare

Willkommen! Thanks to all clients and well wishers for using my brand of aesthetic skin and hair care.
This season,I have included some hand crafted items with special ingredients . I made these for myself but now do some orders on popular demand from well wishers and friends.

1. Pigment lite ultra a combination of natural,botanical ingredients , includes pigment lighteners kojic acid,alpha arbutin,licorice root extract suessholz,in moisturizer base.Also contains lactic acid,multifruit enzymes and exotic oils.
Good when used day and night as intense skin care for clear,youthful and well hydrated skin with fewer fine lines and spots.

2. Preshampoo 30min is for dandruff treatment and healthy hair growth. I crafted this for my own problems with dry scalp and dandruff using a cream base with rich oils  almond, olive jojoba,castor and a small amount of ketoconazole solution. I use this thrice a week,with great results and do not have the dandruff ,dry itchy scalp problem any longer. Sugge…

Yemen Smile @ ACPA Oregon 2020 conference

Yemen Smile Arabia ..glimmer of hope

The American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) congratulates you on being accepted to present at ACPA’s 77th Annual Meeting, March 31- April 4, 2020 in Portland, OR. View your presentation schedule below. Visit the Speaker Ready Room at to RSVP your presentation(s) by December 5, 2019. Only first authors can accept or reject the presentation. This email is not being sent to your co-authors.

Wednesday April 1, 2020

Presentation: Anatomy of the KISS principle for trainee cleft surgeons: the quest for a cleft aesthetic code of the philtrum and median tubercle in unilateral cleft lip surgery using strictly anatomical concepts

Type: Poster

Time: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Presented During: Poster Session A

Role: Poster Presenter,
Yemen Smile Arabia

Total Cleft Care..the CME concepts at NYU Langone

Total Cleft Care: readings and opinion

CME at NYU Langone 2019 -a very useful CME Program offering excellent guidelines

✔ Presurgical Care: NYU excellent protocol
✔ Unilateral Primary Lip:  the master of technique
✔ Unilateral Primary Nose :  excellent technique explained
✔ Bilateral Primary Lip :  excellent techniques of lip and nose
✔ Bilateral Primary Nose: Remarks -the Black Technique of 1965 proposed by some senior plastic surgeons has to be replaced by the newer and more accurate techniques.
✔ Revision Surgery Nose : primary rhinoplasty avoids the use of intermediate rhinoplasty
✔ Primary Cleft Palate - Furlows and modifications
✔ VPI Surgery- Furlows is shown to be superior to other methods like midline flaps and IVVP; buccal flaps are useful for some wide defects
✔ Fistula Repair - a good primary repair prevents fistulae
✔ The Growing Skeleton : ABG at age 9 or 10 with  Scarpa plug
✔ The Mature Skeleton: Part I   OGS in 30-40 %
✔ The Mature Skeleton: Part II
✔ The Mature Skel…

Total Face , hand and breast rejuvenation using autologous fat

The Micro Autologous Fat Transplantation gun is definitely the new kid in town.It transfers micro fat ribbons of your own body fat to rejuvenate your total face,hands and breasts.

The results are superior to traditional methods of fat grafting using mini lipo cannulae.

MWL and modified lipoabdominoplasty

Lipoabdominoplasty after massive weight loss,combined with Scarpa fascia and belly button designing is useful for getting a well shaped abdomen.
The technique which combines tumescence with selective lipocontouring decreases blood loss and post operative seroma,because the lymphatic system is not damaged by rough dissection under the scrapa fascia.
Butt lift and reshaping is done simultaneously.
In most developing nations,this procedure has to be modified because there are no water injection lipo machines.

However, if one understands the nuances of aesthetic procedures in tummy trimming, the results are very good.

Making a difference in the Aesthetic World of Mission Cleft Surgery 2019

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Clefts are not always easy to correct and some need several sessions!

at 3 months and 4 years for revisions

nuances in cleft surgery make a huge difference

The error here: cutting too close to vermillion leading to  vermillion migration and slight distortion of the edges. I should have incised 1mm above the white roll instead.

The happy cleft child Shams(Arabic for sunshine) at 2 years and after 2 years

Cleft Anthropometry is essential: My idea of the Nasion Cupid  Pogonion vertical for symmetry

Adult cleft anthropometry for secondary revision;…