"YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD": Part 1- Total Aesthetic Recall in cleft lip patients

Preliminary Concept Paper of March 18th 2019 Rm 643 ..where ideas merge with reality

Update: displaced mission worker leaves war torn Yemen, lands in Rm 643 Taipei and picks up his long forgotten pen...
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Cracking the Cleft Aesthetic Code (CAC): A prospective double blinded, randomized study, going beyond Botox and micro autologous fat filler, pigment lite gels into the Fifth Dimension of Pico Lasers for Total Aesthetic Recall in cleft lip patients
Introduction: Functional and aesthetic procedures in cleft lip surgery lead to a pleasing outcome in primary cleft lip surgery. But what is aesthetically almost pe…

A 2019 March smile mission model for comprehensive cleft lip and palate care

Most cleft lip and palate children in developing countries attend free smile surgery camps run by mission organisations.

Aim: 2019 Total Aesthetic Recall of Cleft Patients

A somewhat comprehensive service can be offered at the initial point of contact by mission plastic surgery caregivers and other workers for:

Age: 3 month onwards   

1. Primary unilateral cheiloplasty with NAM, botox added
2. Inferior turbinate flap modified for floor of nose reconstruction
3. Primary bilateral cheiloplasty with botox added
4. Primary rhinoplasty using Tajema procedure modifications
5. Premaxillary push back using thumb reduction
6. Premaxillary setback using limited pre vomer suture line osteotomy for very difficult cases and K wiring  with lip adhesion and  definitive surgery after 5-6 months
7. Lobulectomy of cleft lip for fatty cleft lips,some cases minimal incision cheiloplasty modified Rose Skoog
8. Microform cleft intraoral repair

I would like to propose five poss…

The French Connection : "From Vintage Grease 1890s to MAFT 2006”

"Fat grafting is brushed aside by some plastic surgeons,as a procedure without much quantitative evidence ". However,using proper methods,one can achieve very good results in the long term.

all about that bass

´“  Vintage Grease has its origins  in the First World War. It was not until the 1990s that the use of grease returned to fashion by the name of lipostructure in Paris. (CITE 1 Annals of Plastic Surgery • Volume 79, Number 5, November 2017 Use of Fat Grafts in Facial by H. Morestin). Morestin(1869–1919)had published thirty four cases offacial reconstruction,using fat for filling.He noted an improvement in volume,scarringas well as better skin flexibility.
´The first fat grafts of the face were used by Neuber in 1893 to repair facial tissue defects caused by osteomyelitis. (CITE 2 Facial Plast Surg Clin N Am 10 (2002) 191–198 Schiffman) ,  "THE GREAT GREASE CONSENSUS” and other tales..)

Italian Gynaecologist and French physicians create the FLAT world of LIPO Grafing in…

Total face and body rejuvenation using FAT graft principles with micro autologous fat grafting

With the advent of micro autologous fat grafting based on the fundamental principles of  autologous fat grafting,most paper concepts on the techniques of fat grafting may have to be updated, because fat particle size is so crucial to survival .

The possibilities are many for the aesthetic world of fat rejuvenation. What was not possible in the past is now fast becoming a reality.Thanks mostly to the groundwork done by great pioneers in the field ,and others who have improved the concepts over time.

What we have today in total face and body rejuvenation  with autologous fat, is a huge step forward, with the availability of better techniques and increased patient satisfaction as a result.

One's own body fat can now be used accurately, to look much younger through face and hand rejuvenation.Doctors can now extend the benefits to other areas of the body,like breast,trauma,scars and other defects.

I myself am a beneficiary of the incredible MAFT experience in Kaoshiung Taiwan, and loo…