songs of a guitarman in Taipei city part 3

songs for your listeing pleasure this summer..enjoy

songs of a guitarman in Taipei city part 2

Songs for your listeing pleasure this summer.. enjoy

songs of a guitarman in Taipei city part 1

Guitar improvisations for your listening pleasure..

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Gender Amplification:Chinese Whispers or Utopiagasms?

With growing worldwide interest in aesthetic medicine over the last decade,a lot of attention is focused on the benefits of gender amplification .The main reason  for this overdrive is arguably the problem of self esteem. Gender amplification is a hot topic in many aesthetic centres these days. Get it and strut the stuff,to the envy of those less enlightened.Or rather, less amplified.

But the topic is fraught with controversy over the  long term benefits.There are several papers on male and female aesthetic amplification but one wonders what the benefits really are,apart from the obvious psychosomatic well being after such procedures. As far as ultra pleasure is concerned,one has doubts about the efficacy of such procedures .Especially fillers for G spot amplification. What does it really do? It is a well known anatomical fact that the area is a highly sensitive zone with over 90% nerve innervation. So apart from from the mostly subjective, sensational episodes of self flagellation ,w…